Facebook in the Morning

I awoke feeling a bit down today, I didn’t sleep well at all. I guess some persons would resort to drinking coffee to get them going, but I’m not a coffee-drinker.

What I had was Facebook (fb).
I’m not a Facebook addict, but my fb News-feeds are inspiring and my fb friends encouraging. They sometimes get me going and help to change my thoughts … and hence by attitude and actions.

I view Facebook as any other tool or instrument; like a knife per say. You can use it for evil intentions or for good.  I use my Facebook to include information from inspiring and Christian sources; and these keep my focus on God.

I know Facebook has a thrill and pleasure factor and it is designed to attract and keep you using it for hours on end.  With this in mind, I use Facebook to draw me closer to His Book … the Bible.  So off I go to face the real book – the Word of God.

It’s God’s word that is my real source of comfort in the Morning.


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