Mid-week Cleaning

Broom, mop and pailFor persons, like me, who were busy on the weekend and didn’t get the chance to clean house on Saturday … you’ll face the stark reality of a dirty home by mid-week.

By Wednesday, you can count on it being manifested for there will be  excess dirt and dust around; a blatant reminder that your house-cleaning chore was left undone.

You could ignore it, but for me, it could not be put off for one more day.  A dirty environment will hamper your thoughts, alter your frame of mind and hence your productivity.  I’ve got to get this place cleaned up.

So out comes the broom and the mop and the pail.  Yes we know the ads on TV show that these items are not being used any more, but they sure are handy here in  Jamaica 🙂

In an hour the place will be clean and I can breathe again.


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