A Rainy Monday in St. Andrew

The rain is pouring today, but not as much as in the northern parishes of Jamaica. There they are having flooding.

From my window I see the Trumpet Tree glistening in the rain.
Trumpet Tree

The Trumpet Tree is also called Pumpwood and it has the scientific name Cecropia peltata. It is a tropical, fast growing tree and is listed as one of the world’s 100 worst invasive species.

The Trumpet Tree was used in the tradition of the Ancient Mayans who used the stems to make ceremonial trumpets.

It is also a favourite among a certain specie of ants that live in the hollow chambers of the tree’s trunk.  These ants are attracted to the tree’s milky latex.

While we find no use for it here in my home, I understand that the leaves of the Trumpet Tree can be used for medical purposes to treat calluses, skin warts, inflammation and respiratory infections.

Sometimes you just don’t know what you have, and the source of your healing can be growing in your own backyard.


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