Moringa oleifera – The Miracle Tree

It’s been over a year since I’ve read about “The Moringa Tree” in the Jamaican Star newspaper.  The June 2011 article “Jamaicans Flock Miracle Tree” informed us that this tree could cure up to 300 illnesses. It further stated that the dried Moringa leaves have six times more iron than in spinach, as much protein as in eggs, seven times more vitamin C than in oranges, four times more vitamin A than in carrots, three times more potassium than in bananas and four times more calcium than in milk.

WOW!  Having read that, I wanted more than just the dried leaves . . .  I wanted to plant that tree on my property!

Well I’ve got it! Yes, I have some Moringa Tree seedlings growing and I will be transplanting them very soon.

Moringa oleifera seedlings

I also visited the Moringa The Miracle Tree website @ and watched their interesting youtube video about this miracle tree:

I also signed up for the free information package offered on their website which basically enables me to download two pdf files.

The link to download these files are @

Give it a Try!

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