Planting Pineapples

For some weeks now I’ve saved the head of a pineapple that we bought at the supermarket.  We usually plant these heads in the hill at the back of our house – there are 14 pineapple plants growing now.  Today, I plant #15.

Before picture of hill sideHowever before I start planting the pineapple head, I have to prepare the area for it.

The photo at left is the before picture of the area that I’ve chosen. As you can see, it’s covered with Spanish Needle plants, weeds and our pumpkin vine.

My plan is to move two other pineapple plants that were previously planted to this area and then to also add plant #15.

This area of the hillside slopes, so I will have to terrace it.


After much weeding, moving around rocks, and working with the pick-axe and machete … this is what it looked like afterward.

Terraced hillside

Looks good, doesn’t it?

This is our pineapple plant #15

+wed after pix02

To read more about growing pineapple plants, check out this link @


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