We’ve Got Pumpkins!

The pumpkin vines on our hillside at the back of our home are thriving.  We’ve eaten one pumpkin already and a quick survey of our hill shows that we’ll have more than enough for the new year.

The pumpkins we found growing in our cherry tree have either a rough outer skin or an odd shape.pumpkin in treePumpkin hanging in tree There were some pumpkins hidden among the rocks as well.Dark green pumpkinBaby pumpkinPumpkinPumpkins on rock up closeWe also had to be careful about stepping on those pumpkins hidden among Spanish Needle plants and weeds.Hidden PumpkinPumpkin among Spanish Needle up closeThis is a sliced pumpkin taken from our cherry tree.  It could have stayed a few more weeks, but it fell off.
pumpkin just slicedI’ve really got to say thanks to God for allowing our hillside to be so fruitful.


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