With Deepest Sympathy

I read this story @ http://news.yahoo.com/neighbor-took-6-young-survivors  today regarding six young students who were able to escape amidst the shooting at their school – Sandy Hook Elementary.  A neigbour to the school saw them in his driveway and he took them in.  They stated that their teacher was dead.

Anyway, he contacted their parents and they with gratitude and relief collected their kids … but at the end of his account the neighbour said:

“[ A couple of hours after the last child left, a knock came on his door. It was a frantic mother who had heard that some children had taken refuge there. She was looking for her little boy.

“Her face looked frozen in terror,” Rosen said, breaking down in tears.

“She thought maybe a miracle from God would have the child at my house,” he said. Later, “I looked at the casualty list … and his name was on it.” ]”

I am so sorry for that mum and offer my love to her with my deepest sympathy.

sympathy candle.



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