Releasing Endorphins should Help

Amidst . . .

  • the sadness and grief regarding the lost lives at Sandy Hook Elementary;
  • the gloom of what this world is coming to;
  • the anger for the sense-less killing occurring now at we approach Christmas;
  • the hope and belief to see the goodness of the Lord in the land of the living.

. . . there lingers an emptiness and spirit of heaviness upon the soul.  It has not reached the stage of depression.

Some persons may party it away; some may keep busy, some may do drugs, some may meditate, and some may retreat into a world of self-pity and tears.  May I suggest exercise?  Yes, exercise … for exercise releases endorphins – “the feel-good hormone” and it should help.

Skipping rope in chair

There are many forms of exercise: skipping, jogging, working out at the gym, walking, swimming and many more . . .  choose the one exercise that is best for you. If you need advice from your doctor, get it.

The sooner we start exercising the better.  We ought to start feeling good again.  Life involves grief but we don’t have to build upon it.  Continual sadness cannot be good thing.

Here are some links I know you will like to read:

Let’s start working on ourselves again.  Let us build and encourage our selves so we can be strong for each other.


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