Being Regular

Being regular, by this I mean . . . no constipation.

If you ‘go’ less than three times a week, then you are constipated.  And that’s not a good thing.

There are many reasons why persons are constipated such as:

  • too little fiber in diet
  • insufficient water consumption
  • incorrect food combination
  • disease
  • hormonal imbalance
  • side-effect of medication

Constipation can cause you to be uptight emotionally, it may cause a build up of toxins in the body resulting in body odour.  Constipation can also cause disease and hemorrhoids.

There are many things persons can take to become regular and these include:

  • eating more fibre and fruits
  • increasing your intake of water
  • taking laxatives or other medication
  • drinking warm water with molasses
  • eating yogurt

Over the years, drinking warm water mixed with molasses helped much.  I also found that drinking guava juice did the job too.  But now I’m finding that eating a couple tablespoons of ice-cream will keep me regular.  This desert did wonders for me.

Ice cream

Maybe you can give it a try, but the brand and flavour ice-cream will be your choice.


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