Carrot Sandwiches

Carrot SandwichesI’ve made something new, or so I think,  and these are carrot sandwiches.

I’m sure if you googled it, you’ll find several recipes and methods of preparing carrot sandwiches.  So my idea is not really new after all.

It is one way of increasing fiber in my diet.

My carrot sandwich includes equal amounts of shredded carrot and shredded American pear,  1 clove garlic (diced), mayonnaise and wholewheat Bread.  It’s very tasty.

I also had my shredded carrots combined with shredded raw callaloo stalk.  This tasted good too.

Try it out and tell me how your carrot sandwiches come out.  I know you will add cheese, black-pepper and such.  Oh yum!


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