Soursop Fruit

Twenty years ago, my grand-father planted six soursop (Annona muricata) trees at our home, we have only two trees left.  Today, I reaped yet another harvest of soursop fruits.

Sour-sop fruitI like to eat my soursop as it, but many Jamaicans use it to make juice to drink with their Sunday dinner.

Soursop juice is made by soaking the pulp in water and squeezing out the juice.  It is then strained to remove the diluted pulp and seeds (nb. the seeds are poisonous).  The strained juice is then sweetened with sugar and milk, and a dash of powdered nutmeg is added for flavour.  For lactose intolerant persons, lime juice is added to the soursop juice instead of milk.  Both ways of prepared juices are very delicious.

I know soursop leaf tea is good for the nerves, but recently I’ve read that sour-sop is good for fighting cancer, far better than chemotherapy.

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