Okra plants

The Okra plants in our hill are producing fruit, even during the dry spell.

Okra plant

I find Okra plants easy to grow in any type of soil and they require little maintenance.

OkrasThe okra is not our favourite vegetable.  This is because it is slimy after it is steamed or boiled; however, this slimy vegetable helps keep our stomach and gastrointestinal system healthy.

We cook okras mainly in our soups or we combine it with other vegetables such as cabbage.

I understand that Okras, also called Lady’s fingers, are rich in fiber and vitamin C.  They are also known for being high in antioxidants and are a very good source of calcium and potassium. Okras are also anti-inflammatory.

I’ve also discovered other health benefits of okras, they are used to:

  • stabilize blood sugar and to prevent diabetes.
  • prevent and improve constipation.
  • help lubricate the large intestine due to their bulk laxative qualities.
  • heal ulcers and to neutralize acids.
  • treat lung inflammation
  • prevent pimples and maintains smooth, beautiful skin.

All parts of the okra can be used. The seeds are used to treat and prevent muscle spasm, while a decoction of okra fruit and leaves is used to treat urinary problems.  You may drink okra juice to treat sore throats associated with coughing, and to treat diarrhea and fever and related abdominal pains.

Okra plant


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