Preparing Ackee For Cooking

AckeeIt’s ackee season again, and that can only mean one thing for us … ackee and cod fish meals.  Ackee can be eaten for breakfast, lunch and dinner, and had as snacks in-between.AckeeThe ackee is the national fruit of Jamaica and it is used in the preparation of our national dish – Ackee and Salt-fish (cod fish).Opened Ackee podsAckees must be opened naturally before they are cooked.  Ackee arils taken from forcible opened and/or unripe pods are poisonous.Picked Ackee

Ackee arils

Each ackee aril must be cleaned to remove the seed as well as to remove the poisonous, inedible red parts of the pod (the membrane).Cleaning AckeeCleaned ackee arils are then washed and boiled until tender.  Some salt is added to the boiling water for taste.Washing ackee arilsWhen your pot of ackee begins boiling, cook on low flame; and skim off the air bubbles that surface. When the ackee is tender, turn off flame and drain. Do not let the boiled ackee remain in the water; then use your ackee for cooking.

Boiled ackee can be refrigerated for cooking at a later date.  Frozen ackee can be kept for months and used when ackee is out of season.frozen ackee

See Preparing Ackee & Salt


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