Scotch Bonnet Pepper plant

Scotch Bonnet Pepper Hedge

Among the many plants we use as our hedging are scotch bonnet pepper plants. The scotch bonnet pepper hedge makes up only a portion of the hedging and is planted as these pepper trees are not only bushy and decorative, but they produce the peppers which we love. Scotch bonnet peppers (a variety of chili … Continue reading Scotch Bonnet Pepper Hedge

Our Plantain Tree

Our Plantain tree with fruit and two suckers withstood Hurricane Sandy in October 2012.  Today, it fell. The bunch of plantains could have stayed for two weeks more, but they are fit and ready none the less. We consider plantains to be the cousin of bananas.Plantain trees are more yellowish in hue than banana trees … Continue reading Our Plantain Tree

The Tropical Silverspot Gulf Fritillary

The Tropical Silverspot Gulf Fritillary is one of the many species of butterflies living in Jamaica.  Today, finally! one of them paused long enough for me to get a snap shot of it. This is it feeding on a Spanish needle flower.  The sun is beaming down on it wings transforming it into a paler … Continue reading The Tropical Silverspot Gulf Fritillary

Coconut oil in cold milk

A Tip on Using Coconut Oil in Baking

Among the many items in our kitchen cupboard is a bottle of coconut oil. We started using it since my mum has Diabetes and we read where this type of cooking oil helps regulate blood sugar levels in diabetics. Coconut oil is also good for the heart, thyroid and immune system, and for treating Dementia … Continue reading A Tip on Using Coconut Oil in Baking

Sour-sop fruit

Soursop Fruit

Twenty years ago, my grand-father planted six soursop (Annona muricata) trees at our home, we have only two trees left.  Today, I reaped yet another harvest of soursop fruits. I like to eat my soursop as it, but many Jamaicans use it to make juice to drink with their Sunday dinner. Soursop juice is made … Continue reading Soursop Fruit