Sour-sop fruit

Soursop Fruit

Twenty years ago, my grand-father planted six soursop (Annona muricata) trees at our home, we have only two trees left.  Today, I reaped yet another harvest of soursop fruits. I like to eat my soursop as it, but many Jamaicans use it to make juice to drink with their Sunday dinner. Soursop juice is made … Continue reading Soursop Fruit


Feeding Love Birds

We have love birds and here are a couple pictures of them feeding.Love birds are small African parrots.  They behave just like other birds, but because they get very attached to each other, they are called love birds. Isn't it great to be in love with someone and have that someone be in love with … Continue reading Feeding Love Birds

Being Regular

Being regular, by this I mean . . . no constipation. If you 'go' less than three times a week, then you are constipated.  And that's not a good thing. There are many reasons why persons are constipated such as: too little fiber in diet insufficient water consumption incorrect food combination disease hormonal imbalance side-effect … Continue reading Being Regular