Black Birds

black bird in treeBlack birds are one of the many sets of birds that visit our yard.  We normally hear them first before seeing them.  They loudly announce their arrival and then swoop unto tall grass and into our various fruit trees.

When I see them, I’m reminded of summer camp in the country.  We had many black birds there, eating near the kitchen door.  They would flutter off into the air when the campers approached them.  They however, could not compete with our camp cheers.

Some persons think black birds are ravens.  Maybe they are.

Some time ago, a black bird came squawking in our yard when we had a visiting friend.  He refused to go outside until it left.  No matter how hard we tried, we could not convince him that it was just a black bird.  He believed it was a raven bearing bad news or indicating a prediction of death.  A single raven in the yard, he said,  was a bad omen.

Regardless, I went about my business.  To me it was just a black bird and that was that.

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