Star Apples

Star Apples

Today we had star apples. They are stainy, yet sweet and delicious.

Star apple

The name of this fruit is derived from the fact that when it is cut in half, it displays a multi-point star pattern.

We buy the star apple (Chrysophyllum cainito), of two colours … purple and green.  We prefer the purple-skin star apples.

At one time, we had a star apple tree in our yard.  It was very tall and bore the green-skinned variety. The star apple tree is the meanest fruit tree ever as the fruits never fall when ripen.  They remain on the tree until dried, often time becoming the home of ants and other insects.

In Jamaica, we us a phrase for stingy persons, we say “Girl, you’re mean like star apple”.

I understand that the leaves of the star apple tree may be good for treating diabetes. We had to cut down our tree since strangers kept on coming into our yard to steal the fruits and in doing so, destroyed our roof in the process.


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