Black Forest Chocolate Cake


My brother hid a couple cakes from his boys in our fridge this week.  They were for the parties he was planning. I really had no problem with that, until today ... three days later. You have no idea what happens to you when you keep seeing a Black Forest Chocolate cake each time you … Continue reading Temptation

Leaf of Life plant

Leaf of Life Plant

Another plant we've made sure to have growing in our herb garden is the Leaf of Life plant (Bryophyllum calycinum).  It is also called the 'Miracle plant', 'Air plant' and 'Life plant'.  It is also called the 'Live Forever plant' since each of it leaves can produce new plants  from the indention on the leaf’s … Continue reading Leaf of Life Plant

full moon

Waking at 2:00am

It's been only a couple of nights now that I'm awaken at 2:00am and cannot get back to sleep.  It's not the first time this has happened, some time ago I was awaking at 3:00am. There's a full moon out this morning. I did a quick search about this and found two answers that are … Continue reading Waking at 2:00am

black caterpillar with yellow and white spines

Caterpillars – Colobura d. dirce

We see caterpillars all the time around our yard, but these which I found are different. I can't even seem to locate their picture on the Internet. They are solid black with yellow and white spines. I found them on our Trumpet tree and so far that's the only leaves they feed on.  I hope … Continue reading Caterpillars – Colobura d. dirce