Day 9 – Mum’s cataract surgery Recovery

Today mum went for her checkup with the Cuban Ophthalmologist at the National Chest Hospital. He took one look at her eye and beamed, and then said “Perfect!”

With Cuban Ophthalmologist

Dr. Mariyappa Mukund was so very happy today, and this made us feel happy too.

Dr. Mariyappa Mukund with mum

He answered all of mum’s queries and prescribed the new medication – Betnesol which is to be taken every six hours for 15 days.

What a relief from the frequent application of various eye drops every three, four and six hours.  However, mum question about using the computer, even with the left eye alone was answered with a polite, kind and firm explanation.  So, in other words: there should be No Computer Usage along with the other given requirements for recovery; and these should be followed for the rest of the month.

Mum is to return to see the Ophthalmologist again on March 27th. Thank you  Dr. Mariyappa Mukund.

We glided out of his office on cloud nine, with mum seeing better than all of us .. from the right eye, that is.


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