Children at Play

Observing children play can be relaxing at times. Hearing their laughter, shrieks and even cries can transport you to another time and place when you were a child at play yourself.

I’ve noticed that children have always been fascinated with playing with pets.  I think it’s because they are living and act independently of their fantasies. The children here have taken a fancy for our puppies which they call … Zek and Deigo.

playing with puppies

Several times during the day we find them playing with the puppies for hours: cradling them, dancing with them, flipping them and more.

Unfortunately the pups dread this time. And regardless of their new hiding places, they are always found and fondled.  Their little legs cannot outrun these children and so they surrender to their playful antics and suffer throughout the ordeal of being treated like a human.

For the children, playing with Zek and Deigo is fun and everyday there seems to be something different about them.


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