Croaking Lizard

It’s mating season again for the croaking lizards or croaking geckos (Cochran’s croaking gecko).  We hear their voices in the nights and the females enter our homes to lay their eggs.

It is now a normal occurrence to spot a croaking lizard just above the window at nights.  This one we saw tonight is frighteningly huge!croaking geckogeckoWe also see them hiding behind the fridge or above the cupboard.  They usually appear after we retire for bed.

We are not afraid of these geckos any more, and we mentally block out their loud croaks; but we detest them.

The only good thing about these lizards is that they eat the insects around the home – roaches, moths, flies etc…

I killed one of these croaking geckos with a broom some months ago.  The impact caused an egg to protrude from her belly. I felt guilty afterwards and decided not to kill them that way again.

I’ve caught a couple geckos by laying sticky glue traps around the areas they frequent; but I understand that by spraying them directly with insect sprays will do the job just as well.

croaking gecko


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