Stick Insect

stic insectI saw a green stick insect  in the laundry room today.  It tried to escape.

Somehow it sensed its doom when it somehow realized that I found it.

Of course I flushed it down the toilet.

In Jamaica, there is superstition about seeing the stick insect around; whether inside your home or elsewhere. When the stick insect arrives, it is there to tell you that someone you know has died.  So, I kill the stick insect to avoid such bad news.

Late last month, a brown stick insect flew into our home one night, and we killed that one too. And true to the saying, a dear friend of ours had died a few days before. Is this a mere coincidence?

What really are stick insects?

Stick insects are also called walking stick insects, I understand that some persons care for them as pets. I also read that stick insects are able to change their colour and that they are the longest insects in the world.

Stick insects are also called God Horses and they belong to the order Phasmida derived from the Greek word ‘Phasma’ meaning ghost.stick insect


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