Emerald Fern

We have an Emerald Fern plant (Asparagus setaceu) growing wild on our hill side.  It is also called Emerald Feather fern or Lace fern.Emerald FernThis plant is not a true fern plant but it is called a fern since its leaves resemble that of ferns. The Emerald fern is different from ferns as it blooms white flowers and produces red berries which are poisonous.

The Emerald fern is widely used by florist in their many bouquets and floral arrangements. It is also a favourite in bridal bouquets.bridal bouquetLast year, around this time in April, I used a few branches of our Emerald fern to make the bridal bouquet for my mum’s wedding. The bouquet consisting of orchids and emerald fern was beautiful.

The emerald fern is a perennial herb, a climbing vine; and in some places, the Emerald fern is considered to be a weed. Emerald Fern


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