An Unwelcomed Visitor

Climbing on the creeper vine we see the paws of an unwelcomed visitor to our home. It’s a common rat or brown rat.
rat in creeperThese rats live in the wall near the garbage bin outside our gate; and despite the refuse there, they are still attracted to our home.

We also see one of these rats trying to come in through the kitchen window.ratWe’ve tried poisoning these common rats but to no avail.  I guess the best way to be rid of these rodents is to get a cat.

I read that these rats live in groups of a certain size.  If a large fraction of a rat population is exterminated, the remaining rats will increase their reproductive rate to quickly restore the previous population level.  Oh dear!rat on ledge
It’s really becoming frustrating living along with these unwelcomed visitors. And despite our cleanliness they still sneak around trying to enter our home.

I understand that there is a fun shooting game called “Rat on a mat”. I wish we could just shoot this unwelcomed rat on our door mat.rat on mat


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