Milk and Wine Lilies

For over a decade we called one of our lily plants – ‘Candy lily’.  We named it after the red and white striped candy canes.  Today we found out that it is not a Candy lily but a Crinum lily (species – Crinum zeylanicum).

Crinum LilyOn Sunday, our Crinum lily bloomed just in time for Father’s Day and instead of a single flower, it had two blossoms… one for the two fathers in our home.

Happy Father’s Day to my brother Leighton and also to my step-father William Edwards.

This type of Crinum lily is also called the Milk and Wine lily and the Pink-striped trumpet lily. They are easy to grow and care.  Their blossoms have stripes that are alternately wine pink and white, and they are fragrant.  They start blooming from May and continue all summer. The Milk and Wine lily may have up to five blossoms at a time.

Milk and Wine LilyThe Milk and Wine lily is a native plant of India where they use both the bulbs and the leaves for their medicinal properties. It is known as Sudarshan in Hindi.

I understand that the Milk and Wine lily is used as a febrifuge (i.e. as medication to reduce fever) and as an analgesic to relieve pain.  It is also used for skin disorders and inflammations.  They also crush and toast the bulbs for application to piles and abscesses to cause suppuration.


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