It’s not a pretsel … but a snake!

Awaiting for me today was an empty Cashew container with something squirming at the bottom of it.
SnakeInside, as you can see, is a pretsel-shaped object; and a closer look reveals that it’s not a pretsel … but a snake!

The boys discovered it while having breakfast in their dining room this morning.

I’ve seen a few snakes on our property before, and each time I ran away from them … in spite of the known fact that we do not have venomous snakes in Jamaica.

snakeI have no idea what type of snake it is; but I understand that it resembles a worm snake, which is quite common here in Jamaica. Worm snakes are instantly recognizable by their smooth, cylindrical profile, short tail, small head and tiny eyes.
snakeThe worm snake is also known as Typhlops or Blind snake which is commonly found in Jamaica.

This one, measuring about 30cm is still a baby snake.

Blind snakes are not totally blind since they can distinguish between light and dark areas.  They are usually found under rotting wood, under rocks, in loose soil, or under a pile of leaves. Blind snakes feed mainly on the soft larvae and eggs of ants and termites.


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