It’s July – You Can Start Again

It’s July! And this means … half of the year has gone already! As we start this second half of 2013 I would like to encourage you to start again. Maybe you got off to a great start in January but then faltered along the way … well, be hopeful and try once more.  You have a purpose in life, so start again.

Today I will be writing about William, an octogenarian who knows about starting over and having a purpose in life.

William EdwardsWilliam was born in 1924 in a Baptist manse in Trelawny, Jamaica. His father was Rev. Joseph Edwards and his mom was Sytrequilla.  (Her name may have been familar in the 1920’s, but I smile each time I read it.)

William Anthony Edwards believes that your age should not be a factor that limits you from achieving goals or starting something new.

He should know, for he has done several new things while in his eighties, like:
* visiting Israel at age 86
* writing and publishing his autobiography at age 87
* getting married again at age 88

Just last week, William was pulled away from an accident that left him stunned and in some pain.  His car of 14 years was written off, but his life was spared by God.
crashed carThe impact of the head-on collision caused his car to spin around 180o and in a fraction of a second William and my mum could have entered eternity. He did not see his ‘life flash before him’, and the only words he had time to utter were “Lord have mercy!”

And the merciful Lord saved them.

William believes his life was spared for a reason; and today at age 89, he is filled with hope and joy in knowing that God is not finished with him yet. Knowing you have a purpose in this life strengthens and motivates you to continue being your best.

What is your purpose?


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