Yo! Friend

yo friend“Yo! Friend.  Yo! God. Let me tell you this and let me tell you that. Do this for me and by the way, also do that.”

I watched an interesting interview on MTM TV last night.  It was with Bishop Dr. Fedlyn Beason.

Among the many things Bishop Beason shared about his life he left three important points with his listeners.

1.  God is more interested in our availability than our abilities.  We are to give of ourselves.  We are to daily yield our members as instruments of righteousness and be used of Him.  Also spend time with God in prayer and Bible study and be obedient to the leading of the Holy Spirit.

2. We are to be radical Christians. We are salt and light – agents of change who ought to take God’s Kingdom by force. We should not be satisfied in just being reactive, we are to be proactive … becoming role models and examples, and showing ourselves as patterns of good works.

3. We are to be in awe and fear of God as our Creator and Lord. We ought not to go around saying God is our friend and speak to Him any and any way; as if he’s our citybus driver or taxi driver or genie.  God can call us His friend, but we should not say that He is our friend or companion and chum who we can give a high-five to and speak to any and any how.

God is holy and while we can come boldly to the Throne of Grace, we ought to do so in reverential fear and humility and awe.

To know more about Bishop Beason, you may watch this youtube video of him preaching at a Convention in Trinidad & Tobago.


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