Fire Ants

TFire Antsoday I tore apart the board partition laying against the wall at the back of our house.

It has been there for months being exposed to the elements and as seen now, it is also the nesting place of the dreaded Fire ants which we call Red ants.

I’ve always been advised that these red ants will hang unto you until they bite out a piece of your flesh … so I kept my distance.

Fire AntsWe usually find Fire ants colonies living in dirt mounds on trees, in decayed branches and in wood piles around our home. They are very aggressive and will immediately launch an army to attack whenever their nest is disturbed.

Red AntsFire ants are stinging insects similar to bees and wasps.

I understand that although their venom contains high concentrations of poisons, it is also an insecticide and  an antibiotic. This is so, since the worker Fire ants spray this venom on their young to protect them from a variety of microorganisms.

These ants eat almost anything … even the barks of some trees, and they are known to destroy crops. Fire ants, however, prefer proteins; they are known to consume other insects and helpless young animals after stinging them repeatedly to death.

I read that if you are stung by a Fire ant, you should first of all get the ant off you since it is usually affixed tightly to your skin. Then gently wash the area with soap and water to remove the venom. You may also disinfect the area or apply rubbing alcohol.

It is also recommended that you hold wrapped ice against the bite for about 20 minutes or so. Doing so will reduce irritation and swelling.

If you are bitten by several Fire ants and appear to have an allergic reaction, then get treatment from a doctor.


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