The ZZ Plant

Four years ago, we got a small ZZ plant as a gift.  It quickly outgrew it’s container and has now grown to become the largest plant on our balcony.

The ZZ plant, which is the Zamioculcas Zamiifolia plant, is also called the Zanzibar Gem.zz plantThe ZZ plant is a native plant from Africa that grows well indoors and outdoors. It requires little watering and does well even in a poorly lit room.

zz plantThe ZZ has an attractive glossy foliage and has a high resistance to insects and diseases.

This plant is also considered to have air-purifying properties which counter-act chemicals and maintain balanced internal humidity.

While we do not have a ZZ plant growing indoors, we use it in our floral arrangements.

All parts of the ZZ  plant are toxic when ingested, this plant should be handled with care.

We’ve found the ZZ to be a plant that is easy to care and also very easy to propagate.

I’ve read that the ZZ plant takes months to grow, but this is not the case here in our home in Jamaica.

I’ve found that the ZZ stem-cuttings in our floral arrangements start sending out roots within in a couple of weeks. And within the space of a month or so, the  leaves of the ZZ start growing as well.ZZ plantWe have given away many ZZ plants as gifts and have also planted a few of these plants around our property.  Recently we planted a hedge of ZZ plants against a wall at the side of our home.


2 thoughts on “The ZZ Plant

    1. Hi Amy,
      Those lovely plants are one type of Aglaonema (Chinese evergreens), I think the Aglaonema – Sithiporn-hybrid. We don’t have them any more, but we recently got this one – Aglaonema plant. Some names of these plants with red variegated leaves include Aglaonema ‘Pride of Sumatra’, Aglaonema ‘Dud Unyamanee’, Aglaonema X4 Greg, among others.

      You may also check this link @


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