Miracle Tree Powder

In the past, we got dried Moringa Leaves from Brother Garth at church (he has a tree at his home), or we bought them from the supermarket.

Dried Moringa Leaves
Now, our Moringa oleifera Trees are supplying us with all the leaves we need to make teas and flavoured water.

I read in this article that Moringa has the highest protein ratio of any plant identified so far. Food scientists once believed that only soy had protein comparable to meat, dairy or eggs. Now they have added Moringa to the top of that very short list.

Many consider Moringa’s protein superior to soy as it is more digestible and non-allergenic. Moringa has:

  • 2 times the Protein of yogurt
  • 7 times the Vitamin C of oranges
  • 4 times the Vitamin A of carrots
  • 4 times the Calcium of milk
  • 3 times the Potassium of bananas
  • 3 times the Iron of spinach

The young, tender, mustard-favored leaves can be eaten raw in salads, and cooked to make a tasty spice. The cooked leaves are also placed in soups and curries. Moringa The edible flowers taste similar to radish. The fresh or dried flowers or the young leaves can be used for tea.

Miracle leaves powderWhen we chopped down one of our Moringa trees, we first  dried the leaves … in the shade, for we were advised that sun-drying can destroy some of the nutritional value of herbs.  We then grounded the dried leaves into powder.

I understand that Moringa leaves powder has amazing health benefits and when added to any food or beverage it will increase the vitamin, mineral and protein content.

Tip: Since the nutrient content of Moringa leaf powder decreases if exposed to heat, add the powder after the food or drink has been prepared, just before serving.

Moringa leaf powder has the greatest impact on those who are more vulnerable: malnourished children, pregnant or lactating women, children at weaning age and the elderly.   Read this article to learn more.


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