Our Moringa Trees

Since my previous article on the Miracle Tree or Moringa oleifera Tree, we got the seeds and have planted some of these trees around our home.

One of our Miracle trees has grown so tall that we had to chop it down. We dried the leaves and then ground them into powder for future use.

Unperturbed, the Moringa oleifera tree has grown again, reaching once more to a height above the roofs of our home.Moringa oleiferaI read that the Moringa oleifera trees are very hardy. They will grow on just about any type of soil and will bloom on average about eight months after being planted. MiracleTreeAlthough these are tropical trees, they can survive brief periods of frost. Moringa trees are drought-tolerant and do not do well if planted in very wet soil or where standing water develops. The deep roots that help them survive periods of drought are also adept at pulling nutrients from the soil. For that reason, they do not need to be fertilized.

All parts of this tree can be used, whether for food, fiber or medications.


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