Star Fruit … not really a star!

At this time of year we enjoy eating Star fruit or Carambola; in Jamaica we also call it Jimbelin. star fruitWe have two Jimbelin trees laden with fruit in our front yard, and the fruits that hang over the wall are picked by persons passing by.

Star fruitFor our family, we find it best to eat Star fruit when ripe and juicy … as is, or in a fruit salad. Star fruit tends to lose its flavour when we use it in drinks.

I read that Star fruits are rich in anti-oxidants, potassium, and vitamin C.  They are low in sugar, sodium, and acid.  Unfortunately, like the grapefruit, Star fruit (Carambola) interferes with the effectiveness of some medications.

A further warning about Carambola/Star fruit/Jimbelin is that it is toxic to persons with kidney illnesses. Persons with kidney ailments should NOT eat this fruit.  Likely results after eating Carambola include hiccups, confusion, insomnia, twitching of the muscles, epileptic fits and death.



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