The Galliwasp

The Galliwasp is a kind of lizard that lives under rocks, branches etc. I’ve seen Galliwasps of different sizes while gardening; they hide from me and me screaming, run away from them.

gallow waspNot many persons know about the Galliwasp, we’ve been told that they are poisonous.

Once, when we found a Galliwasp hiding inside our house, we doused it with insect spray until it died.

Galliwasps are scary looking, shiny and brown. They are known to eat worms and insects. They slither as they move about, so many times you would mistakenly think they are snakes.

Today we found an adult Galliwasp and went armed with our machettes to kill it; but it was already dead.101_6012


4 thoughts on “The Galliwasp

  1. Greetings! Please stop killing the galliwasps. And please encourage others to do so as well.

    They are in no way venomous, in fact there are no venomous snakes or lizards of any kind on on Jamaica at all, and tales of galliwasps being deadly are a complete myth. There are/were actually around 8 species of galliwasps on Jamaica, and at least one is thought to be already extinct. The most a galliwasp will do is bite you if you harass it and pick it up, and even then you would be fine. Jamaicans often kill the indigenous reptilian biodiversity out of misguided fear and ignorance, please don’t help to propagate this trend.

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