No Sasha!

It is a known fact, that some people put up posters stating that their dog is missing; but we didn’t do that for our dog.  We didn’t think anyone would steal her …  Sasha is almost 14 years old!

sasha 0Sasha has the habit of making the neighbourhood rounds at nights.  She usually leaves before midnight and returns just before dawn the next day; she has done this for over a decade.  On Friday March 21st we awoke and found no signs of Sasha; she did not return home.

After a couple of days, we drove around the neighbourhood searching for her. We whistled and called … no answer, no Sasha!

Sasha was almost toothless. She was becoming hard-of-hearing and seemed to have a sinus problem … always sneezing. She was old, but she was a faithful watch dog who always wanted us to play with her belly.

sashaWe don’t think Sasha is dead for we have neither seen any carcasses around, nor smelled the scent of a decaying dog.  We are thinking that it is still possible that she may be alive  . . .  somewhere. Unfortunately, this possibility is being reduced each day.  😦

For me, there is no closure.  It’s like being abandoned. I know she’s just a dog, but we had her for over 13 years, and she just disappeared.  Did she lose her way? Was she killed and dumped? Was she stolen?

This feeling I have must be magnified for those persons who have friends and relatives who were passengers on the Malaysia Airlines Flight 370 that has gone missing since March 8th.  It’s an awful feeling to have and I’m so very, very sorry about this.



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