Towel Art on the Louis Cristal

towelArt01One of the many nice gestures my parents experienced during their Cuba cruise was Towel Art.

The Towel Art displayed inside the cabin of the Louis Cristal were beautiful; and there was a new design each day.

It made them smile each time.

Towel Art or Towel Origami is popular at vacation destinations where people return to the same room multiple times like at beach resorts or cruises. It’s a nice touch for the guests, and adds a little fun and anticipation to returning to a hotel room.

Here are some photos of the Towel Art done inside their cabin during their cruise on the Louis Cristal.

towelArt04 towelArt05 towelArt06 towelArt07 towelArt08

Photos of  Towel Art done in other areas on the Louis Cristal are:

towelArt02 towelArt03





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