Pizza Egg

As children, we ate eggs almost every day – fried eggs, boiled eggs, omelettes, scrambled eggs and pizza eggs.

Here’s how we cook pizza eggs.
ingredients for pizza eggsIngredients:
• 2 eggs slightly beaten
• Oil for frying
• 3 teaspoons ketchup (optional)
• 1 sausage cut in slices
• Sweet pepper slices
• Black pepper
• Salt (optional)
• ¼ cup grated Cheddar Cheese

You may add other topping items such as mushrooms, pineapple, bacon, chili pepper, other cheeses etc.

1] Heat the oil for frying.
2] Reduce heat and then pour beaten eggs into frying pan.
cooking pizza egg3] Spread the eggs to the width desired for your pizza egg.
cooking pizza egg4] Quickly add the sausages and sweet pepper slices (and other toppings, but not cheese) while the egg is still in its liquid state. This is important so as to have them set firmly inside the egg base.

5] Gently spread the ketchup on unused areas of the egg.
cooking pizza egg6] Tip frying pan and spoon heated cooking oil over the pizza egg until cooked.

I understand that this method is called Blindfolding and it involves basting the egg with hot oil or hot water.  Blindfolding is done instead of turning over the egg to fry it on its top side.

cooking pizza egg7] Sprinkle black pepper over pizza egg and let it fry until you get the crispness desired.

pizza egg8] Use your spatula to lift egg and to gently slide it unto a dish.

9] Sprinkle cheese on the pizza egg while it is still hot.

pizza egg10] Cut into slices and serve. The amount of slices depends upon the number of persons eating the pizza egg.

Eat with bread as a sandwich.  Enjoy!

pizza egg



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