Our Tomato Garden

We’ve grown tomatoes for decades, but these tomato plants are totally different … in a good way!

2014-02-12 17.00.04

TomatoesThese are the first set of tomatoes that we’re growing that appear to be genetically modified. There is not one single pest that is attracted to them.  No bugs, no white lice, no ants, the spiders have not even built their webs near these plants.

I understand that the tomato plant is #7 on the list of genetically modified foods, it was the first food that had its genetic/DNA altered. Genetically Engineered foods have foreign genes (genes from other plants or animals) inserted into their genetic codes.  These foods are considered safe having the same risks as other foods.

We’re pleased with our tomatoes, they are tasty and firm. We’ve so many of them, it sure has been a good crop.




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