The Pitch Pine Remedy for Arthritis

A friend of mine began experiencing severe back pains; these pains were so bad that he could hardly walk. It reached the stage where he considered resigning his job. One day, a visitor to his office asked him if he didn’t know the cure for arthritis. My friend replied that there was none.

Some health conditions cannot be cured, only treated and managed.

The visitor replied, “Alright, I’m going to give you the cure.”
He continued, “See me here … just look at me. I had arthritis, but now I walk a mile every morning, and I have no pains!”
Intrigued, my friend asked, “So what is the cure?”

The Cure
1 … Get a piece of (untreated) pitch pine timber. Cut it into chips small enough to be put into a glass bottle.

2 … Fill the bottle with the chips, and then with something of alcohol content. (I prefer to use dry, red wine). Pitch Pine Remedy for Arthritis3 … Allow it to stand for awhile (2 – 3 weeks minimum).
4 … Then take 2 tablespoons once per day, for 14 days. Break for 14 days and take the remainder of the liquid until finished.

NB. The chips can be used a second time. However, on the second occasion, let it stand for one month before using.

Please note: Persons using medication that prevents them taking alcohol SHOULD NOT USE IT.  This remedy may not work for everyone.

In 1984 at age 60, I had my back x-rayed by an Orthopedic Surgeon who saw traces of arthritis in my spine. I started the Pitch Pine Remedy and the pains completely disappeared. During the years 1984 – 2006, I only used two bottles of this Pitch Pine Remedy.

My third bottle of Pitch Pine Remedy was used in 2006 after I visited the doctor again for a ‘sticking’ pain in my hip. He diagnosed me to have a ‘touch of arthritis’ and recommended the supplement Pycnogenol, which worked.  I had no more pains. However, it was after I discovered that this supplement was actually French Maritime Pine Bark Extract that I returned to using the Pitch Pine Remedy I got from my friend.

William Edwards by Pyramid of Giza

I used my fourth bottle of Pitch Pine Remedy in 2010 because at age 86, I was going on a tour of the Holy Land.

I used the Pitch Pine Remedy as a preventative measure, not because of pain.

In 2013 I used my fifth bottle; and now in 2014, at age 90, I’m preparing to use my sixth bottle.

Pitch Pine Remedy works.  I fully recommend it. I have given away several bottles of this remedy to others, and in my case … I’ve only used 6 bottles over a 30-year period.

If you are interested in the Pitch Pine Remedy for Arthritis, here are some interesting links about Pitch Pine and Pycnogenol which you may find useful.
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* Pine Bark Extract to Ease Rheumatoid Arthritis Symptoms
* Pycnogenol & Arthritis
* Pycnogenol – Uses, Side Effects, Interactions and Warnings


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