One Sunday evening, our pastor taught us about the Four Basic Temperaments. He did this to prepare us for meeting the different personality types of the  persons we hoped to evangelize.

Four Temperaments

Recently, however, I read that our personalities are also based on our blood type. Amazing!

My blood type is B+ (B positive) and so automatically I should be something like this:

Type B Positive People with Type B positive blood group, are strong willed, goal oriented, they always finish whatever they start, whether in perfect timing or in excellent fashion … These are the people who are likely to focus on something they have set their minds on, and never let go of it, no matter how unachievable the goal.
Good Traits • Strong • Creative • Cheerful • Hardworking  Bad Traits • Moody • Impatient

While I find these Personality Studies to be quite interesting, I believe human personalities can become transformed. Like Astrology and the horoscope, our zodiac-signs should not determine who we are or what we should do in the future. Neither should the Chinese zodiac-animal (rat, ox, tiger … pig) determine our personality, career choices nor relationships.

The essence of our true personality can be patterned after the Lamb (Jesus Christ). And based on what he did on the cross of Calvary to cleanse us of sin, we can become new persons.  Further, our personalities will become dynamically transformed when we continually submit ourselves to God and obey the teachings in the scriptures.

Christians led by the Holy Spirit will have Christ-transformed personalities that demonstrates love, joy, peace, longsuffering (i.e. having a forgiving nature), gentleness, goodness, faith, meekness and self control (Galatians 5:22-23).

The Four Basic Temperaments
Blood Type Personalities
Blood Type and Personality


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