Twin Egg Yolks

In all my years of cooking, this was the first time we’ve ever cracked an egg and found twin egg yolks. Yes, I think it would be possible to have twin chickens, like we have twin people, but this was something for us to behold.

Today, my mum began frying two eggs, and ended up with three egg yolks instead of two.egg yolksI read that double yolk eggs are usually laid by young hens, whose reproductive cycles are still normalizing; and you can find such an egg in every 1,000 eggs.

I understand that persons who buy eggs from the farm will usually get double yolk eggs, but we’ve raised hens in the past and never got one such egg.

Twin yolk eggs are rarely seen in supermarkets because when eggs are inspected, double yolk eggs are removed and used in egg products instead. The method for inspecting eggs is sometimes called candling, where eggs are inspected by passing a light through them.


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