Raking Leaves

Today my chore was to rake up the leaves from our breadfruit trees. These leaves, along with fallen fruit, were way on top of the shed where my brother stores his “work stuff”. Raking leavesIn all there were 10 crocus bags full of leaves and fallen fruit.

While raking, I saw one of our dogs chomping away at an over-ripen breadfruit. I let her have it as she was enjoying it.  I also saw a bee sucking away at the soft, sweet, over-ripen breadfruit.

Did you know that if you boil an over-ripen, soft breadfruit, it will harden and be useful for eating? We tried it once and it was sweet and nice.

I understand that some persons use the over-ripened fruit to make breadfruit drinks, but I’ve never tried it. What I have tried however are: breadfruit salad (prepared like potato salad), boiled breadfruit which we called “breshe” and breadfruit chips.

Our breadfruit trees are not grown from seeds; they grow from suckers that develop from one of the extended roots of the breadfruit tree.breadfruit suckerBreadfruit Sucker


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