Printed Christmas Cards

Today we got Christmas cards in our mailbox, and for Christmas 2014 we received four cards in all. That’s not surprising with all this new technology nowadays . . . we’ve all somehow managed to send our Christmas greetings via our mobile phones, text message, email, Twitter, Facebook, WhatsApp, Skype etc.

I can’t tell when last I’ve mailed a letter to someone,  I didn’t even send an e-greeting card to anyone last year. Christmas CardsNonetheless, we do appreciate getting printed greeting cards. I remember the years we received up to a dozen Christmas cards in our mailbox, gone are those days!

As I mention dozen Christmas cards, I remember our visits to Grandma Ellis in St. Mary, Jamaica. When we entered her home, one of the first things we saw was a string of Christmas cards, hung up like clothes on a line. They were strung from one corner of her room to the other. Oh my goodness! she may have had up to 100 cards which she received and treasured over the years.

We used to store our greeting cards too, but not any more. Personally, the only printed cards I store these days, are those cards expressing love and affection from my significant other, those are kept in my treasure box.


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