Money Is A Test

I watched another message from “Walk In The Word” on television today. The message dealt with our stewardship of money, and the pastor James MacDonald reminded us that Money Is A Test. James MacDonald - Money Is A TestHe outlined that:
1. Money is a test of your work ethics … How hard do you work? Is there lack? How hard do you really work?
2. Money is a test of your self control … How much do you spend? You will never live in victory financially until you spend less than you make, and live on less than what you earn.
3. Money is a test of your integrity … How did you get what you have? Did you cut corners? Did you withhold taxes? Did you withhold tithes? Did you sell people products they did not need? Did you twist the truth to get a deal?
4. Money is a test of your love for people … How many people do you love financially? Did you help people without others knowing? without getting a tax deduction?
5. Money is a test of your love for God.

Financial Adviser Lee Jenkins also stated that handling money is a spiritual issue because:Wallet with Jamaican money• God owns it all and we are His money managers (stewards) – Psalm 24:1
• There is a connection between our hearts and wallets (treasure) – Matthew 6:21
• Money can compete with God for first place in our lives – Matthew 6:24
• How we handle money has eternal consequences – Luke 19:1-10

“A man’s treatment of money is the most decisive test of his character – how he makes it and how he spends it.” (James Moffatt)



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