We’ve Got A Climber

Our two-month old puppies are growing fast, and one of them has shown her determination to get what she wants. This pup has a “no-nonsense” attitude.climbing puppy To prevent our puppies from wandering off into the road, we keep them locked up. However, for this one puppy, the mesh on the door is only a “stairway” to freedom. climbing puppyShe reminds me of the first lines of the song “Something Inside So Strong”.

The higher you build your barriers, the taller I become
The farther you take my rights away, the faster I will run
You can deny me, you can decide to turn your face away
No matter ’cause there’s something inside so strong
I know that I can make it . . .

climbing puppy Yup! we’ve got ourselves a climber.clmbing puppy


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