Bark Alarm

This morning I was awaken from my sleep by a barking dog. It was a bark alarm that went non-stop and could not be turned off. This dog was on our roof. barking dog on roofUsually, when my sleep is being disturbed, I condition my mind to transform the disturbing sounds into a song or phrase.

For example, if a dog barks “ruff . . . ruff, ruff, ruff”, my mind converts this to “thanks . . . thank you Lord”. As the dog continues his pattern of barking, I keep repeating this phrase in my mind until . . . voilà! I fall asleep.  It works every time. 101_7754At other times when I cannot sleep, I go through the alphabet instead of counting sheep.

Starting from the letter A, I either think of an A name for God, or an A name for myself.
For example, A to Z names of God are: Alpha and Omega, Ancient of Days, Almighty God, Adonai, Bread of Life, my Bulwark, Creator, Chief Cornerstone, Door of the Sheepfold, Deliverer, Everlasting King . . . and so on. A to Z names for myself are: I’m anointed, blessed, chosen by God, delivered, empowered by the holy Spirit, forgiven … and so on. Then while thinking of these names, I fall asleep.

Well today I could do none of these “sleep time practices”, for it was already morning.  So I rise and shine and start the day; and in case you’re wondering . . . yes, there’s still a dog barking non-stop on our roof.
barking dog on roofdog on roof


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