The Star Spider

One specie of spiders I got entangled with today is the Star spider, its web is found in trees all around our yard. I have never seen it inside the spider or Spiny orb-weaver The Star spider (Gasteracantha cancriformis) is a small spider that has six spines on its abdomen. It is popularly called the Spiny orb-weaver spider. star spider or Spiny orb-weaverThis spider is also known as the Jewel spider, Spiny-bellied orb-weaver spider, and Smiley face spider. It looks “crab-like” in appearance, but it is not a Crab spider. Female Star spiders can have either yellow abdomens with black spots and black spines, or they may have white abdomens with black spots and red or black spines. Some of these spiders have coloured legs.

Male Star spiders have grey abdomens with white spots. star spider or Spiny orb-weaverStar spiders are biting spiders and their spines may puncture your skin if you touch them the wrong way. They are not harmful to humans.
Star spiders are known to help control the overpopulation of insects which destroys crops and orchard.

They do not live very long since the male Star spider dies six days after mating the female, and the female Star spider dies after producing an egg sac. This egg sac, with approximately 100 to 260 eggs, is usually deposited on the underside of leaves near the spider’s web.


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