The Moth That Looks Like A Leaf

Prochoerodes lineolaWe saw a moth that looks like a leaf on our wall outside.  It is the Prochoerodes lineola or the Large Maple Spanworm.

Although it is called the Large Maple Spanworm, its larvae, which feed on maple leaves, also feed on the leaves of grass and other plants such as the apple and cherry which we have in our yard.

This moth is butterfly-like in appearance, brown with black shading, and has a wavy pattern on its wings. No two moths (Prochoerodes lineola) have identical patterns.

The Large Maple Spanworm tends to blend into its environment and just looking at it, you would too would think it was a leaf. Prochoerodes lineola


8 thoughts on “The Moth That Looks Like A Leaf

  1. SpenT a dinner hour at O’Charlie’s in Glendale, (Indianapolis) with a yellow/green/brown version plastered to our window (outside window). Very impressed with this beauty.

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