Our Garlic Vine

Our Garlic vine or Mansoa alliacea (Cydista aequinoctialis) is a beautiful addition to our garden. It is an evergreen climbing plant that requires regular pruning.

It is called the Garlic vine because its crushed leaves and woody vines have a garlic-like odour.
Garlic VineThe Garlic vine has tri-colour blooms, its bell-shaped flowers have a purple color when new, and as they grow older they change to lavender and then white. Garlic VineThis plant prefers sunny locations but requires some shade. It requires a fence or strong trellis on which to run. Garlic VineI read that all parts of the Garlic vine is used in natural medicine (tinctures and decoctions) as a treatment for colds, flu, fever, arthritic and rheumatic pain and smokers’ cough.

The crushed Garlic vine leaves are also considered as an effective mosquito and snake repellent. Garlic Vine


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