My Bleach Tie Dye Blouse

If you use chlorine bleach around your home, then more than likely you will have some of it spilling on your clothing. Today I bleached tie dye a blouse of mine that had more than a few bleach splatters on it.

Bleach tie dye seems to be a fashion trend that is welcomed by many. It enables you to transform new clothes, or clothing spoiled by bleach, into an attractive attire.

Bleach tye dying is easy to do, all you will need is bleach, cord or rubber bands, a pail, and water.bleach tye dyeI first pinch a section of the blouse, twist it, and then tie it with a rubber band. You can find many techniques of twisting your fabric/clothing for bleach dying on the Internet.

After twisting most sections of the blouse, I place it into a solution of diluted bleach (approx. 10 cups water to ½ cup bleach) and let it soak for awhile. When the blouse is transformed into the shade of colour I like, I remove it from the solution and wash the blouse to remove the bleach.

Take a look at the pattern I produced; see front view, back view and side view below.bleach tye dye bleach tye dyeAnd yes, I like it! bleach tye dye


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